You can study and participate to one of our courses to train and become a Wataflow facilitator. In 4 years more that 15 trainings in 3 continents and 5 countries have already taken place with more than 100 international practitioners.

 Our courses are divided start with

level 1: 

embodying the water and first movement of a body in water, 5 days approx, 30 hours mostly in water but also theory classes, group sharing and emotional release work, mainly directed to those who like to learn more about water.

level 2:

Level 2 is for those who would like to become a facilitator and bring the knowledge into their work.  You will learn to remember how to safely hold space and manoeuvre a body above and under water, how to prepare a session and finish it, how to accompany a reciever in a deep healing dynamic dance of letting of fear and trust.

level 3:

For those who have already enough training and practical experience and  would like to get more fluid and acrobatic in their water movement and wataflow. It is another 5 days and approx 6 hours a day


Time and schedule may vary as it is the water who will remind us of when it is possible.

Part of the training will be in body temperature pools when possible and in the ocean.


 Next training course will be in ibiza starting on the 2nd july 2018,

please contact us for more information